Waste Valve Adapter for Early 1960s Airstreams

Waste Valve Adapter for Early 1960s Airstreams

Product Code: VTS-954



This machined billet aluminum adapter is used to convert obsolete waste valves on 1960 to 1964 Airstreams to a modern Valterra valve system. Comes in 2" or 3" versions, depending on your original flange. Eliminates the need to cut into your original fiberglass tank or remove the bronze valve flange on the tank.

2" version was usually used on 1960, 1961 and 1962 Airstreams. 3" version was usually used on 1963 and 1964 trailers. 1965 and later trailers used the still-available white plastic Thetford valves.

Both versions come with 4 encapsulated stainless machine screws and a rubber o-ring. On the 2" version, the o-ring is on the adapter. On the 3" version the o-ring goes in a groove on your tank flange.

WARRANTY: We warrant this item to the original owner for 10 years from the date of purchase.

Tips: Chase the old threads on the septic tank side and use new bolts. We include bolts with the adapter but at least one customer determined that our bolts were too long for his 1963. Use a depth gauge to determine the length of the bolts that will allow the plate to be snug, but don't overtighten. Use only stainless steel bolts. Make sure you have the "O" ring installed between the tank and the adapter during installation, but also during your measuring.