VTS Rescued

W65 Airstream Wing Window - Front Curb Side, Double Pane

VTS Rescued

W65 Airstream Wing Window - Front Curb Side, Double Pane

Product Code: RES-W65



From our Rescued Collection....

Wing windows were used on Airstreams starting in 1969 and continuing until the 1980s. They flank the center front window to allow in more light. The 1969 wing window was a bit different than the later windows because it had one radiused corner and three right angle corners. As you can see from the photo, the 1970 and later version has only two right angle corners. Some people will retrofit to 1969 trailers with a small triangular aluminum patch in the lower outside corner to fill in the gap in rough opening.

Some 1970+ windows were double paned. Some were tinted.

We sell the new, single pane and untinted version of this window as VTS-1950.

This is a used window. Please take a good look at our photos and dimensions and make sure these will work for you.

  • Side of trailer: Front Curb Side
  • Tinted glass? Yes
  • Double pane? Yes
  • Overall width along exterior perimeter: 16.25"
  • Overall height: 25.5"


About the VTS Rescued Collection
Vintage Trailer Supply is proud to offer a fine collection of old trailer parts that have been rescued from insurance wrecks and other trailers that were parted out. We do not part out trailers ourselves, but we are always on the lookout for high quality vintage trailer parts that can be used to make the restoration of other trailers possible.

We keep these parts at our Santa Fe, NM facility where they are available for inspection by appointment.

This item and all our rescued used parts have flaws. We think these offer excellent value and have very limited availability, but they will likely need work to make them fit and function well on your trailer. Expect dents, scratches, stray holes and corrosion. And they are dirty. If accessory hardware is present, you should expect it to need reconditioning or replacement. Gaskets and glazing are likely going to need to be replaced, especially when windows are double pane. Please see the links below to replacement parts that are still available and may fit this window.

Not all flaws may be shown, but we are honest and disclose what we notice when we think it is significant. All available photos are in this description. No other photos or product details are available.

A word about glass tinting: Some Airstream windows are lightly tinted, some are dark tinted, and some are untinted. Some tints are pigment in the glass and some are film applied to the glass. Please consider the tint match when you buy a window.

These items have a very specific return procedure and warranty so please read the fine print below.

Special Conditions of Sale for this Part
Our normal terms of sale do not apply to this part. By purchasing this item, you acknowledge the following special conditions:

  • Returns are accepted within 60 days of purchase. However, return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Vintage Trailer Supply is not responsible for return shipping on this item under any condition. We strongly recommend insuring your return shipping. We cannot provide a refund if the item arrives back in a condition other than the condition originally photographed.
  • This item does not have a warranty. It is used and may have been heavily used. It is sold as used with defects and is therefore not warrantied by Vintage Trailer Supply or Airstream to be in working condition or to be like new in appearance or function.
  • The photos are an essential part of the description as every part is unique. Customer service has no additional information about the condition or dimensions of the item shown. Not all flaws are shown but photos disclose what we think is most significant.

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