Valterra Valve Flange with Hub


Valterra Valve Flange with Hub

Product Code: VTS-488

Starting At:

$3.39 - $4.19

Every Valterra valve needs to have a square-flanged ABS fitting bolted to it on both the upstream and downstream sides. You can choose from hub, spigot or threaded versions. The flanged fittings bolt on with the four bolts and nuts that come with the valves.

This hub version of the valve flange is used to attach a pipe or spigot to your Valterra valve. It is a socket with an inside diameter the correct size to accept a 3" pipe's outside diameter. It is solvent welded directly on to the pipe or spigot fitting.
It is available to fit any of the Valterra valves, either in 1-1/2", 2" or 3" diameters.