Valterra Bayonet


Valterra Bayonet

Product Code: VTS-740



These Valterra bayonets (or nubs) are required at the termination of your waste system to allow for connection of a modern Valterra standard cap or sewer hose ("stinky slinky"). It is incompatible with older Thetford style hoses and caps. If you are re-plumbing your dump valve area of your trailer, we highly recommend using this Valterra standard for all hose connections.

We have bayonets available in two styles: hub and spigot. Both are made of ABS and should be solvent welded onto your pipes.

  • The hub version has a 3.5" ID on the large end. It is designed to be solvent welded to the end of a 3" ABS pipe that has a 3.5" OD.
  • This spigot version is simply a short length of 3" pipe with the Valterra nubs on it. It can be solvent welded into any 3" ABS hub.