Tubular Rivets for Jalousie Clips

Tubular Rivets for Jalousie Clips

Product Code: VTS-963


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A tubular rivet is commonly used in window assembly. They are recognizable because they have an attractive domed head and have an atrtactive finished back end that looks like a circle or doughnut. Tubular rivets can be set by hand or with a squeeze tool. They require a roll clincher die or hand tool to roll the back end correctly (our ITM-963).

These tubular rivets have bodies 5/32" diameter (D in drawing), truss heads .31" diameter, and a length of .297". You must allow .094" of the length of the rivet for the clinch allowance when calculating the length you need, so these rivets clinch approximately .2" of material.

Made of strong and rustproof 302 stainless steel, so they are ideal for pivot rivets on jalousie window clips.