Thetford Repair Kit for All-Plastic Valves


Thetford Repair Kit for All-Plastic Valves

Product Code: VTS-616


This kit contains all the seals required to repair any all plastic Thetford termination valve.

  • Large flat perimeter gasket that is sandwiched between two plastic layers of valve
  • Gasket that seals against the blade inside the valve
  • O-ring for valves with O-ring connections on the outlet side, like the 08706
  • Gasket for "flat top" valves that bolt directly to a Thetford valve mounting flange
This is Thetford part 09872. If you have a stainless steel top plate Thetford valve, this kit will not work. You would need Repair Kit 03827 which is discontinued.

This can also be used on Electra Magic Slide EZ valves of Electra Magic Model 80 recirculating toilets.