System 3000 Padwasher

System 3000 Padwasher

Product Code: VTS-2038



The System 3000™ Padwasher & Cleaning Station is a self-contained cleaning system featuring a user controlled cleaning solution pump. It is our standard model which features a durable plastic wash plate and incorporates a non-filtered design.

The System 3000™ Padwasher continually circulates the cleaning solution. It works best where frequent solution changes are a must.

System 3000™ Features:

  • Works with Random Orbital, DA, Rotary polishers
  • Works with all sizes and types of pads - wool and foam from 3" to 9"
  • Positive displacement pump lets user control flow of cleaning solution
  • Environmentally friendly - uses only 1.6 gallons of water (50% less than other pad washers)
  • Works with other cleaning accessories - bonnets, applicators, wash mitts, etc.
  • Uses the power of the polisher to agitate and clean pads

Additional Important Features:

  • Closed top design keeps operator clean when spin-drying pads
  • Fluted wash plate cleans effectively without damaging pads
  • Molded with 100% polypropylene & glass-filled nylon
  • German engineered positive displacement pump
  • Unit weighs less than 20 pounds (with 1.6 gallons)

Easy to Operate
Simply fill the pail to the desired level with clean water, add one packet of Snappy-Clean Boost™ powder, open the covers and insert the soiled pad attached to the polisher, then run the polisher while pressing repeatedly on the wash plate. The pressing action will activate the pump and draw the cleaning solution from the bottom of the pail into the pad. Use the power of the polisher to agitate and clean the pad and to control the amount of solution brought into the pad. The dirty solution and contaminants are returned to the pail. Spin-dry pad inside the unit to complete the cleaning cycle.