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Stone Guard Support Arm

Vintage Trailer Supply

Stone Guard Support Arm

Product Code: VTS-808




Our aluminum telescoping arms are used to support awning-style stoneguards. The length of the arm from pivot point to pivot point is 13-1/2" when retracted and 23-1/2" when extended.

It is held open with a wing nut. When retracted, the spring pin can be used to hold the rock guard down and closed. Trailer-side mounting foot swivels to allow for left or right side mounting.

Price is for one arm. Order 2 for most applications.

Original to 1970s Shastas and many other vintage trailers.

The part was originally made by a company called Kimberly many decades ago. That company and the tools to make this part were purchased by Atwood. Atwood was subsequently purchased by Dometic. In 2016 when Dometic closed the plant making these support arms, we acquired their tooling.

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  • VTS Exclusive
  • Non-Rusting Aluminum
  • Vintage Style