Standard Aircraft Handbook, Seventh Edition

Standard Aircraft Handbook, Seventh Edition

Product Code: VTS-2109



by Larry Reithmaier and Dr. Ronald Sterkenburg

The Seventh Edition has been thoroughly revised to cover the latest advances in the industry, including composite materials, cutting-edge nondestructive testing, and detection equipment and procedures. New photos, diagrams, tables, and schematics are featured throughout this must-have reference.

Topics Covered Include: Tools and their proper use, Materials and Fabricating, Drilling and Countersinking, Riveting, Bolts and Threaded Fasteners, Aircraft Plumbing, Control Cables, Electrical Wiring and installation, Aircraft drawings, Nondestructive Testing (NDT), Corrosion Detection and Control, and Composite Materials

6.2 x 9.2
368 pages
black and white diagrams, schematics, and photographs