Spartan Buck Riveting Kit

Spartan Buck Riveting Kit

Product Code: VTS-2392

Great Kit Price!



Download our "Buck Riveting Basics" manual! >> click here

Our Spartan style riveting kit includes virtually everything you need to do original buck riveting on a Spartan, all at an amazing price. The only thing you will need other than this kit is your own 90 psi air compressor. The center of this kit is our superb pneumatic rivet gun. You'll love the control it gives you.

Kit includes:

  • 3X Pneumatic Rivet Gun with Beehive Spring & Air Regulator ($149.99)
  • Rivet Set for 1/8" Universal Head Rivets ($9.99)
  • Bucking Bar ($19.99)
  • Heavy Duty Rivet Cutter ($39.99)
  • Marvel Air Tool Oil ($4.99)
  • 25 Copper 1/8" Clecos ($14.99)
  • Cleco Pliers ($7.99)
  • 2 No.30 Split Point Drill Bits ($4.38)
  • One Bag of Universal Head Rivets AN470A 1/8" D 1/2" L (Approx 315 Rivets) ($5.99)
  • One Bag of Universal Head Rivets AN470A 1/8" D 3/8"L (Approx 391 Rivets) ($5.99)

These items would cost $264.29 if purchased individually.

Description Above Price SAVE $23 WHEN BUYING THE KIT!