Sidewall Single Louver - Pkg of 2

Sidewall Single Louver - Pkg of 2

Product Code: VTS-2144



These reproductions of the original Hehr Model 405 sidewall louvers are at home on any vintage trailer.

They are approximately 2 inches high by 4-3/8" wide and are designed to cover breather holes in the sides of trailers and to aid in the ventilation of sidewalls.

They may also be used to cover unsightly dents and holes accidentally occurring in the side of your trailer. They seal the holes so that no moisture gets in your sidewalls. And they improve the looks of your trailer over the normal sheet metal patches.

They will cover any hole up to 1" high and 3-1/4" wide.

Dimensions are:

  • 2" high.
  • Stands off trailer 4-3/8 wide
  • 1/4 off trailer
  • Made of .032" sheet aluminum.
Description Above Price
  • Authentic reproduction
  • Ventilates sidewalls
  • Covers unsightly holes