Serro Scotty Travel Trailers

Serro Scotty Travel Trailers

Product Code: VTS-070


by Paul Hecht

This book details John Serro's journey from producing the first 16' Scotty Pup trailer in 1956 to the more popular 18' HiLander produced in the 60's and 70's. Because Scotty Trailers were not produced on an assembly line, no two are exactly alike. The Scotty line, while fairly extensive (ranging from teardrops to fully self-contained 18' models), was simple in design, most sporting the iconic aqua and white paint scheme, and all stamped with the Scotty Pup logo. Not only are Scotty Trailers quintessentially retro, they are lightweight, very affordable and easy to restore, and accessible to everyone!

Paul Hecht, an Interior designer, has appeared on several television shows as a design expert and was a series regular on Lifetime Television's "Merge" with Lisa Rinna. He purchased and restored his first trailer while in college and recently stumbled upon a Serro Scotty in the Pennsylvania countryside, which he quickly transformed into his design office, complete with vintage wallpaper, chandeliers and pink flamingos.

8 1/2 x 11
127 pages
black and white advertising brochures and color photographs