Rivet-on Door Gasket - Early 50s Airstreams

Rivet-on Door Gasket - Early 50s Airstreams

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/ 13-ft length


This rivet-on door gasket is used as the main door inner seal (in the doorway) on early 1950s Airstreams. We know it was used from 1952 to 1956 (with a few 1957s), but it may have been used for several years before 1952. It was not used on most 1957 Airstreams and not used at all beyond 1957 on Airstreams.

It is installed using solid rivets (bucked or squeezed) on the flange in the door opening.

See the additional photos to see where it goes. Our other door gasket for this period, Door Gasket for Overlay Doors VTS-229, is used simultaneously on the door itself.

Made of heavy black silicone rubber so it will not shrink like older rubber gaskets.   Silicone rubber is a premium material that is much more stable than other rubbers.

Gasket is 13 feet long. It is approximately an inch wide and approximately 5/8" in height. Comes without pre-punched rivet holes so you can match it to your existing holes.

Please contact us before ordering if you are unsure about whether this item will work for your trailer.