Recessed Dome Light

Recessed Dome Light

Product Code: VTS-479


These recessed dome lights are great for mounting in areas where low-overhead and space is an issue, like in your vintage trailer. This durable light has a zinc-plated steel body, anodized aluminum rim and a clear polycarbonate lens. Available in anodized aluminum or black finish.

Body is 2-7/8" OD and 1-3/16" deep. Overall size is 4-1/4" OD and 2-1/32" deep.

The light is mounted to your ceiling, wall or cabinet with through three 3/16" mounting holes on a 3-5/8" circle.

12V bulb is 1.04 amps. Light output is approximately 93 candela.

These lights are not switched so you will need to add a switch nearby.

This is a one-wire self-grounding light. The mounting screws and housing are ground points. If you are attaching to a non-conductive surface, you will need to add a ground wire.