PPG Aerospace PR-5044 Peroxide-Activated Stripper

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PPG Aerospace PR-5044 Peroxide-Activated Stripper

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For many years, vintage Airstream owners have relied on RemovAll 220 peroxid-activated paint stripper to remove the plasticoat from their trailers before polishing. RemovAll is no longer available. Fortunately, PPG Aerospace makes a paint stripper based on the same principles as RemovAll. It is called PR-5044.

PR-5044 is a peroxide-activated paint and primer remover. It works well because it is designed for removal of polyurethane and epoxy paint systems in the aerospace industry. PR-5044 is environmentally preferred and worker-friendly. It does contain petroleum distillates, so it does produce fumes. You will need to read all safety information before using. However, it is not a hazardous material and is much easier to use and safer than traditional aircraft strippers.

It is the only product used when Boeing strips an aircraft.

Material Properties
-Fast-acting, cost-effective
-Environmentally compliant. Contains no chlorinated solvents
-Effective on polyurethane and difficult epoxies such as BMS 10-11 and TT-R-2970
-Viscous liquid gives better dwell time
-Remains wet on surfaces for many hours reducing need to re-apply
-Approved by or conforms to: BAC 5725, DPM 5549, Boeing D6-17487, Douglas CSD #1, Embraer, Cessna Aircraft Company

-Shelf life of at least one year from date of manufacture, however the manufacturer suggests that it can last much longer than that if it is stored in dry, room temperature conditions
Application Techniques
The preferred temperature for use of PR-5044 is 65 degrees - 85 degrees F.
Spray or brush PR-5044 onto surface to be stripped. Dwell time is dependent upon temperature and airflow, but expect from 1-8 hours on most coatings. Once stripper has loosened lacquer coating or paint, agitate surface to remove loosened plasticoat or paint and stripper residues. If you have multiple coating layers of paint that are not bonded together, it will require a second application of PR-5044. Remove loosened paint before reapplying.
To remove residue, hose off with water. Surface must be cleaned well before polishing or applying any other coatings. An alkaline soap is recommended for removing remaining stripper residues and neutralizing peroxides. Common dish soap is alkaline enough. Clean soon after stripper removal to prevent residual effects. Take time and spray into skin laps and seams to get the stripper out of those stubborn areas. Rinse all surfaces thoroughly.
All parts of application equipment that come in contact with PR-5044 must be made of stainless steel or plastic, such as PVC, polyethylene, or polyester. Use plastic buckets and synthetic bristle brushes. Do not contaminate PR-5044 with other removers. Avoid contamination with wipe solvents.
Bleaches skin upon exposure. It should always be used with adequate ventilation and proper safety equipment, including full-face shield and chemically resistant clothing. If skin contact occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes, wash with soap and water, and if necessary, seek medical attention.
Used material contaminated with paint flakes and organic materials may undergo spontaneous decomposition. Paint flakes must be rinsed with water to remove paint stripper prior to packaging in vented containers before disposal. Always use polyethylene or polypropylene containers for storing paint waste.
Health Precautions
This product is safe to use and apply when recommended precautions are followed. Before using this product, read and understand the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), which provides information on health, physical and environmental hazards, handling precautions and first aid recommendations. An MSDS is available for download here. Avoid overexposure. Obtain medical care in case of extreme overexposure.
Keep away from children.