POR-15 2K Urethane Industrial Top Coat - Gloss White


POR-15 2K Urethane Industrial Top Coat - Gloss White

Product Code: VTS-805

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We recommend POR-15's 2-part urethane paint for restoring plumbing fixtures, old refrigerators or any other thing you want permanently white. It is the toughest, most beautiful gloss white coating you'll ever use.

Like the internationally-famous POR-15, 2K Urethane Industrial Top CoatTM cures to a rock-hard, non-porous finish that won't chip, crack, or peel when applied as directed. It's perfect for interior or exterior applications because it's super-tough, not UV-sensitive, and brilliantly white.

Works on appliances, sinks, tubs, fiberglass and plastic!

Can be sprayed or brushed. When brushed on according to directions, brush marks will not show.

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ONE QUART can with hardener.