Plastic Striker Pocket

Plastic Striker Pocket

Product Code: VTS-570

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This plastic striker is a high quality reproduction of the originals used on 1964 through 1968 Airstreams. It is injection moulded from tough nylon, which is a plastic as slick as teflon, strong enough for repeated impacts by your door lock's latch bolt, and wears well without becoming brittle with age. Plastic makes an excellent strike surface because it doesn't put unneeded stress on the latchbolt itself.

Mounting holes have shallow countersinks.
  • Color is more yellowish (natural nylon color) than photo indicates.
  • Overall dimension: 2-3/4"H x 1-1/4"W x 3/4"D
  • Inside dimensions of dust pocket: 1-3/16"H x 11/16"W x 11/16"D
  • Outside dimensions of dust pocket: 1-11/32"H x 13/16"W
  • Thickness of strike plate: 5/32"
  • Mounting holes spacing:
    • First pair of holes closest to leading edge are 1-3/4" on center
    • Second pair of holes are 1-7/8" on center
    • The two pairs of holes are 1/2" apart