Pile Weatherstripping for Airstream Classic MHs

Pile Weatherstripping for Airstream Classic MHs

Product Code: VTS-277

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This weatherstrip fits between the sliding panes on many Airstream Classic motorhome windows. It also works on 1970s Revcon motorhomes.

It is held in place securely with automotive weatherstrip adhesive.

The polypropylene fiber pile resists mold, mildew, and corrosion and has exceptional resistance to abrasion. It is silicone treated to repel water, and stabilized against ultraviolet and ozone. The backing strip is polypropylene and lasts longer than plastic weatherseals.

This weatherstrip maximizes the energy efficient qualities of fiber pile by adding a solid barrier fin in the center of the pile. The center fin stops air, water, dust and insects from infiltrating cracks between windows.

Please check dimensions:

  • Pile Height: 0.160" (approx 5/32")
  • Backing Width: 0.187"(approx 3/16")

INSTALLATION NOTE: A customer of ours with a 1972 Revcon motorhome offered a tip. The pile on his windows is held by an aluminum carrier running the length of the channel. It must be carefully removed when you are removing the old pile. Try to avoid damaging it because you will be reusing it with the new pile.

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