Nuvite NuImage Polished Metal Cleaner


Nuvite NuImage Polished Metal Cleaner

Product Code: VTS-188

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$18.99 - $22.49

Nu-Image was developed by Nuvite as a cleaner for well-polished metals and paints.

To clean polished surfaces, pour a small amount of NuImage onto a soft cotton polishing cloth, and apply to surface. Wipe on gently to avoid mechanical scratching from surface soils and dust. Spread material over the whole polished area and gently spread, rubbing until NuImage is removed. A very slight haze will remain. Allow this haze to dry as you continue with the other areas to be cleaned. After haze has been allowed to dry completely, polish away to bright shine with a clean cotton flannel polishing cloth.

NuImage works great for cleaning polished skins on Airstreams and other aircraft style trailers, removing oils and fluids without the rainbow effect that are usually left on the surface from oil residue.

NuImage will clean and debug your outstanding polish job without the fogging of normal cleaners, and will save you time and effort while it helps you maintain that famous "Nuvite Look" you get with Nuvite NuShine II metal polishes!

NuImage even works great as a final cleanup for removing excess polish after power buffing.