Narrow D Seal - 10'

Narrow D Seal - 10'

Product Code: VTS-795


/ 10' Pkg


This is a 10-foot package of black EPDM closed cell foam gasket with quality peel and stick pressure sensitive adhesive back.

It is great for many situations, including on the ledge at the top of the opening of many 2-crank vintage roof vents. Some of our customers have told us that it also works great for the door within the main door on 1963 Airstreams.

  • Base width is .3.75"
  • Height is .25"
  • Length is 10 feet (+/- 3")

Closed cell EPDM gaskets are extremely resistant to wear, ageing, weather influences, ozone and UV-light. EPDM has outstanding sealing properties in extreme weather conditions and excellent temperature stability in cold climate.