Jalousie J-Seal

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Jalousie J-Seal

Product Code: VTS-526

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$12.99 - $36.99
This seal was used on the bottoms of framed jalousie windows in the 1960s and 1970s. From customer feedback, we know it was used on 1965 Avion, 1966 Silver Streak, 1967 Fleetwood, 1960 Globestar, 1973 Terry and early 1970s Go-Tag-A-Long trailers. We're sure it was used on many other years and trailers, but we're still working on a list. It was not used on jalousie windows without frames around each pane.

The silicone rubber seal is J-shape and slides in an 1/8" channel on the bottom edge of each sash.

NOTE: This seal is an excellent fit, but it is very soft rubber. To help slide it in the channel, some customers have immersed the seal in soapy water. Other customers report that powdering it first helps reduce friction and lets it slide better.

Available in lengths of 12, 24 or 48 feet.