J Molding

J Molding

Product Code: VTS-708



This J-shaped molding is designed to fit around 1/16" thick material, making it perfect for edging on wheel wells on many Airstreams. When installed, a 3/16" trim will show on the outside. Overall dimension is 5/8"

Because this material is tempered, it is very stiff and does not bend easily. To make the bend around the wheel well, it will need to be heated with a propane or acetylene torch. Your goal is to soften it but not to completely remove the temper. If you remove the temper, you will have a limp noodle. Practice with a scrap piece and you will learn to achieve excellent results. Some of our customers have reviewed the product and you may find their reviews helpful for picking up tips.

  • Satin anodized aluminum.
  • 94" long.
  • Punched on back at least once every inch for fasteners.



Due to its length, this item and other long items like it are shipped together in a PVC pipe to protect them from damage in transit. Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to ship these extrusions outside the United States and they must ship via FedEx.