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If you’re an avid vintage trailer enthusiast, you know a happy life on the road includes living comfortably and eating well while you’re exploring the country. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for adventure, and a vintage trailer allows you to maintain the same luxuries on the road as you have at home. Our vintage camper appliances will make your camping experience easier and more enjoyable.

Because RV appliances are only designed to last a couple of decades at most, many of our customers need a supplier of replacements. The last issue you want to deal with on the road is not being able to find the proper vintage appliance for your trailer. Vintage Trailer Supply offers a wide range of replacement appliances for retro campers, trailers, and RV's. Our vintage camper appliances are reliable and stylish, complementing the classic look you seek for your trailer. They are also practical and compact, allowing you to make the best of your tiny space.

Our top-of-the-line stoves and cooktops let you cook the same high-quality meal you usually enjoy at home. To keep your food fresh, we have vintage trailer refrigerators and ice boxes, which we offer in several different finishes to complete the vintage look you seek for the interior of your trailer. Shop air conditioners to keep you cool as you relax after a long day of outdoor activities. To keep you warm during cold desert nights, or if you prefer to venture out in colder temperatures, we offer catalytic heaters, water heaters and furnaces.

All of our vintage camper appliances are compact, stylish and easy to install. Should you need assistance with installation, our customer service team is happy to answer any questions you have. We stock parts for Spartan, Teardrop, Shasta and Airstream appliances. Shop now!

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