Hingeless Baggage Door Frame Extrusion - 46" Length

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Hingeless Baggage Door Frame Extrusion - 46" Length

Product Code: VTS-869

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Our reproduction extrusion was original to 1967 and 1968 Airstreams. It can be used to make frames for the hingeless 1964 thru 1968 Airstream baggage compartment doors. and also for the refrigerator and battery access doors on the sides.

To build a door, you will need to cut the extrusion to create a frame with mitered corners. Then you will sheets of aluminum in the front and back slots in the frame. The sheets are not included, but any .032" sheet aluminum will fit. We recommend aircraft grade aluminum for stiffness. A single sheet metal screw is used in each corner of of the frame to secure the corners of the frame to each other.

Frame is brightly anodized. A small 1/2" wide portion of the frame is visible when the door is assembled, of which 1/4" is designed to be inserted in the slot in the top of the jamb.

Extrusion comes with a silicone rubber bulb gasket that can be inserted in a channel on the back side of the frame, creating a good water seal.

The tricky part of this project is to create quality miter cuts in the corners. A fine tooth blade on your power miter saw is essential. And we recommend setting the extrusion along the edge of a 2x4 so that the face is absolutely horizontal while cutting.  That way your saw makes a vertical cut at 45 degrees.