HepvO Self Sealing Gray Valve Kit 1-1/2"

HepvO Self Sealing Gray Valve Kit 1-1/2"

Product Code: VTS-017


The HepvO valve can best be described as a waterless, streamlined alternative to a P trap. Under your vintage trailer's sink, shower or tub, this nifty invention will allow you to plumb in much tighter spaces, including with very little vertical space!

In a travel trailer, it has so many advantages over a P trap that we believe it may someday replace P traps entirely in the RV industry.

Here are the main advantages:
  • Under a sink, it creates additional storage space
  • Under a tub, it allows for just a few inches of vertical space because it can be pitched nearly horizontally.
  • Not only prevents foul tank fumes from coming up thru your drain, it also prevents gray water from backing up...even under significant back pressure!
  • It does not hold water so there is nothing to winterize.
Unlike conventional waste traps, this valve kit does not rely on water to create a seal. Instead this waste valve kit uses a self sealing membrane which performs the same function as a water seal trap without the risk of depletion or freezing. Think of it as a one-way valve below your sink or shower.

Kit comes with everything you need for a straight or right-angle installation with standard1-1/2" sink tail piece and trap pipe. Sink tail pieces are thin wall 1-1/2" pipe and have a smaller OD than 1-1/2" schedule 40 pipe. If you would like use to use it with schedule 40 pipe, you will need threaded adapters. The upstream side of the HepvO is NPSF and the downstream side is NPSM.

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