Hehr Window Bulb Seal

Hehr Window Bulb Seal

Product Code: VTS-113

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$27.99 - $54.99

This seal fits in a track on the backframe of Hehr Clearview and Hall-Mark 12 windows used in the late 1950s and 1960s. It cushions and seals the operating frontframe portion of the window as it closes against the trailer. To find the track on your window, open your window and (standing outside your trailer) look at the frame around outside of your insect screen.

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Made from premium gray silicone that will not dry out or shrink.

This seal has a 5/16" wide T shaped flange on the hollow bulb. The T is inserted into the track on your window. It does not require adhesive. Installation is easy on the Clearview windows. On the Hall-Mark 12 windows, insert the thicker, shorter portion of the T first towards the back and then use a flat blade from a screwdriver to insert the longer portion toward the front. You'll see in the drawing above how it should be configured.