Hehr Hall-Mark 17 Closing Seal - Sides and Bottom

Hehr Hall-Mark 17 Closing Seal - Sides and Bottom

Product Code: VTS-638


/ Foot

This is our reproduction of old Hehr PN 009-149. It fits in the sides and bottoms only of the Hehr Hall-Mark 17 operable windows. If your window serial number starts with C 17__, it is a good bet you have a Hehr Hall-Mark 17.

We have reproduced this important seal out of silicone rubber so that it does not dry, crack and shrink like the original.


Sold by the foot.

Installation tips: The larger bottom "leg" of this seal keys into a slot around the screen. You can use a putty knife or other tool to apply pressure necessary to force the leg into the slot. Our favorite tool for the job is the offset screen roller VTS-467. No adhesive is typically used to install this seal. If you do wish to "tack" it in place or use some adhesive, we recommend using a small amount of clear silicone caulk.