Glass Globe for 12 Volt "Gas" Lamp

Glass Globe for 12 Volt "Gas" Lamp

Product Code: ITM-2059


If you own a new reissue of the 1961 Shasta Aiflyte, you have a 12-volt "gas" light over the front dinette. It's not a gas light at all, but rather a custom 12-volt LED and edison bulb replica.

Those lights were made especially for Shasta and only for the re-issue. The glass globes are a special size that is larger than the globes for real gas lights.

If for any reason you were ever to break your globe, you would need this replacement globe. We have a small number we received from Shasta and when these are gone, there will not be any additional made.

We highly recommend buying a spare in case yours breaks.

Globe is about 5-3/4" tall, with a top lip diameter of 3-3/4" and a bottom lip diameter of 2-1/2" in diameter. Price is for one globe only. The photo of the globe installed in a "gas" lamp is just for reference.