Gasket for Overlay Doors - 16' Length

Gasket for Overlay Doors - 16' Length

Product Code: VTS-229

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/ 16-ft length

This black EPDM sponge rubber gasket is approximately 11/16" overall height and approximately 1/2" high to the top of the bulb only. It has a strong peel-and-stick tape backing which makes installation very easy. It can be used on many trailer doors.


This is a good door gasket to use on almost all 1957 to 1962 Airstreams. It works on most Airstreams from 1957 to 1962 for both the main door seal and the inner "door within a door" (if present) when the door edge overlays the exterior trailer wall. It does not work in situations where the door edge is flush inset into the trailer exterior. Due to changes in the hinge and door designs for 1963 and later, it does not work on Airstreams after 1962.

To work on the main door, your door edges must overlap the trailer sides rather than close flush inset with the trailer side. It is installed in up to three locations, each requiring the purchase of a separate length of gasket:

First - The most important location is installed around the perimeter of the door, itself. When the door closes, it compresses against the exterior shiny trailer skin.

Second - It is installed on the flange on the door's jamb. When the door is closed, this gasket compresses against the inside skin of the door. This creates a double seal or a backup seal for the first gasket described. It is not absolutely necessary, but it was original to Airstream trailers of the era and is your insurance against leaks around the outer gasket.

Third - On trailers with an overlay-style "door within a door" it is used on this door too. It is used once for this "door within a door."

Always attach the gasket to the mounting flange with the gasket's flap-like protrusion pointing to the outside edge of the mounting flange.

Please contact us before ordering if you are unsure about installation or whether this fits your trailer.

NOTE: If your door or hinges have been bent over the years, installing a new gasket may not fully stop your leaks. Or in some extreme cases, the new gasket can prevent the door from closing correctly. Please inspect the gap between the door flange and trailer skin to make sure it is consistent all the way around. If it is not, you may have to adjust your hinges or door curvature by re-bending them.

Surface Preparation:
1) Use a non-residual cleaner like Isopropyl Alcohol to thoroughly clean the area where the seal is to be applied. Wipe thoroughly dry. 2) If applying on steel instead of aluminum, surface must have a protective coating. Application on bare aluminum is acceptable.

1) Take seal in hand and begin peeling the release paper about 12" to 18" at a time. Firmly press the adhesive side of the seal down to ensure good adhesion. Do not stretch the seal. 2) Finish the seal application by continuing about 1/4" beyond the end point and cut off excess. 3) Do not apply to any surface when temperatures are below 60 degrees F or above 85 degrees F. 4) Wait 48 to 72 hours after application for adhesive to reach full strength.

1) Store in a cool dry area with temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees F. Do not store for longer than six months before application.