Roof Vents and Covers

Vintage Trailer Roof Vents & Covers

Proper roof ventilation keeps the air in your vintage trailer from getting stale. Similar to opening a window in your house, roof vents allow air to cycle through your open windows and air units. Because your trailer is a miniature version of your home - you cook, clean, and bathe inside a relatively small space - it stands to reason that you’ll need regular ventilation whether stationary or on the road. Roof vents allow just that. They allow air to circulate through your trailer without having wind rushing in windows. Because they’re such an integral part of your trailer, Vintage Trailer Supplies stocks a wide range of vintage and replacement roof vents for older trailers. Along with vents, we also supply vent covers so that your trailer is protected from the elements and pests while allowing airflow. Shop our selection of vintage trailer roof vents and vent covers today!