Elastic Curtain T-Slides - Pkg of 25

Elastic Curtain T-Slides - Pkg of 25

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These sew-in carriers are used in Airstreams from 1973 forward. They are designed to fit a channel 1/4" wide. The slider width is just a hair under 1/4".

The tip of the plastic T slider goes in the curtain track. Each slider has a slot in it where a piece of elastic can be slipped through. The elastic is folded back on itself and sewn to the fabric of the curtain or drape.

You will receive 25 slides and a 160 cm roll of elastic...enough for all 25 slides. Cut to desired length with sewing shears or other sharp scissors. We recommend cutting elastic in approximately 60mm lengths to be sure you have enough for all slides.

These Elastic Curtain T-Slides work in our Small Curtain Tracks that we carry.