Cylinder & Keys for Bargman L-66 or L-77

Cylinder & Keys for Bargman L-66 or L-77

Product Code: VTS-205


This cylinder fits many (but not all) of the common Bargman L-66 lockset found on many travel trailers from the 1950s through the 1970s. It also fits the rare Bargman L-77 lock used by Airstream from approximately 1958-1960 and Silver Streak about that time.

PLEASE NOTE: There are two different shapes of cylinders used on various L-66 locks. If your lock was made in the late 1970s or after, this cylinder may not fit your lock. Please take special note of the shape of the cylinder as it appears from the outside. If your cylinder appears to be the same, it may work. See the comparison photo for details and contact us if you need confirmation.

Package include 1 cylinder and 2 keys.

Cylinders have a 5 year replacement warranty from date of purchase. Simply return your cylinder and we will replace it.

Cylinders can not be keyed alike.

INSTALLATION NOTES: 1) To remove an old cylinder when you have the key, insert the key and turn 1/8 turn or so and wiggle while depressing the release pin in that little pin-sized hole in the chromed lock casting. When the pin depresses, you can pull the old cylinder out toward the key. 2) To remove an old cylinder when you do NOT have the key, either take it to a locksmith or do it yourself by drilling out the cylinder from the keyslot side. Any good drill bit can do it. Drill out enough of the center of the cylinder to create a void. Then drive the release pin into the void you've created. Do not drill through the little release pin hole because you risk damaging the chromed lock body. 3) To insert a new cylinder, put the key in the cylinder and turn the key 90 degrees to the right. Then press the brass pin against a hard surface like a desk or a book. The brass pin will depress into the cylinder. Insert the cylinder into the lock and then turn the key 90 degrees to the left. The brass pin springs out and secures the cylinder in the lock.