Cyclo ProGuard Orbital Backing Plates (Pack of 2)

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Cyclo ProGuard Orbital Backing Plates (Pack of 2)

Product Code: VTS-2567



The Cyclo dual head polisher is the most legendary tools in the polishing world.  In recent years, the cyclo pad attachment system has been reworked with modern materials.  Now, all foam pads are attached to these velcro faced plates.  It makes for a simple and sturdy substrate that lasts for years.  If you have an older machine with velcro faced black rubber pad holders, you will eventually need to switch over to the new system.   The blue plates thread into the tool the same way the hard rubber heads did before.  

  • These polishing pads are designed for Cyclo polishers with hook face to attach to loop-backed pads; quick and easy pad changes. Also attaches to the Cyclo 600 grit Fast Cut Pad.
  • Perfectly balanced on machines with 6.5g VES weights (Vibration Elimination System is standard on all Cyclo polisher/scrubbers)
  • 5/16-24 inch male thread
  • Low profile gets pads into tight quarters

Cyclo PN 79-112x2 - 2PK

Package of 2