Cavagna Two-Tank Automatic Changeover Regulator


Cavagna Two-Tank Automatic Changeover Regulator

Product Code: VTS-372A

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This two-stage automatic changeover LP gas regulator is one of the most important pieces of equipment on any travel trailer.

With this high quality Italian-made Cavagna model, you get continuous gas supply by automatically changing to a reserve cylinder when the service cylinder is empty. The highly visible red/green indicator on the regulator changes color to signal when the service cylinder needs to be refilled.

The bracket is an improvement over other brands because it is simply slipped over the threaded rod on your tank rack. The plastic vent cover is included and screwed to the back so it doesn't come off or get in the way.


Product description:

  • Automatically switches from empty service cylinder to full reserve cylinder, ensuring continuous gas flow to appliances.

  • Easy red/green full or empty indicator signals need for refill.

  • Built-in back check valve allows empty cylinder removal and refill as reserve cylinder remains operational.

  • Adjustable pressure setting (qualified technician only).

  • Inlets: (2) ¼” inverted flare, Outlet: 3/8” FPT, 160,000 BTU/hr

  • Kit includes already assembled mounting bracket and an integrated plastic vent cover required by RVIA.

  • UL listed: USA / Canada

Safety features:

  • Built-In Back Check Valve: allows empty cylinder removal and refill as reserve cylinder remains operational.

  • Excess Flow Device: ensures protection with all hose connections. Limits gas flow in the event of hose rupture or accidental disconnection.

  • Overpressure Protection Devise: Limits environmental propane release in case of regulator malfunction to a value less than 2 psi, significantly lower than that mandated by UL standard 144.