Alternatives to Zip Dee Awnings

Alternatives to Zip Dee Awnings

Vintage camper awnings can add a high-quality and classic look to your trailer without permanently changing the exterior. The right vintage awning can help make those relaxing days spent outside your vintage trailer picture perfect. Whether you’re just soaking up the sun or hosting a cookout, at Vintage Trailer Supply, we’re your one-stop shop for vintage trailer awnings.

While Zip Dee Awnings offers RV awning products, many of there products are automatic and don’t fit the look and feel of a vintage trailer such as an Airstream. At Vintage Trailer Supply, our selection of vintage awning rails and parts can help you repair and restore your existing awning. Our selection of awning parts and supplies will help you create a vintage awning that is easily removable to pack away without the bulky nature of an automatic awning. For owners of vintage trailers in need of an awning, we can help you create a custom awning that’s fully functional and fits your trailer. Regardless of your vintage camper awning needs, we can help you create your own with our vast selection of vintage awning parts, supplies and tools.

How To Make Your Own Awning at Vintage Trailer Supply

Creating your own awning is actually relatively easy to do with the right products. The hardest part for some people may be the need to sew such a large piece of fabric into the desired shape if you choose to opt out of one of our high-quality Sunbrella or Dickson awning fabrics. But we’re here to help make the finishing touches on your restored vintage trailer simple and easy.

Adjustable Aluminum Awning Pole

With our high-quality, adjustable aluminum awning pole, you’ll be able to adjust your awning height up to 8 ft. and retract down to 55”. With an adjustment eye in the middle of the upper and lower pole section, this awning pole safely locks into place and prevents accidental collapse while installed.

Steel Awning Stake

Investing in an awning stake will help ensure your awning is properly secured into the ground. Our 12” galvanized steel stake is easy to insert and remove, making awning installation quick and painless.

Awning Railing 94"

With a mill finish aluminum awning railing, you’ll be able to attach your awning to your trailer. Awning railings are screwed or riveted to the trailer through the rail’s flange, making the bead or rope easily attachable to the edge of the awning by sliding it in the rail. We offer awning railings in a 90-degree option or 45-degree option, depending on your preference.

Awning Line Tensioner

This small tool is built to military specifications of injection-molded, glass-filled nylon that is super-durable and will help you adjust the tension of your rope line. The right tension will keep the line tight between your pole and stake so that your awning sits upright properly while in use.

With these four products, you can easily repair or create a vintage awning that’s perfect for your camper. Add rope and your awning fabric, and you’ll be good to go!

Creating a Custom Vintage Awning at Vintage Trailer Supply

For vintage trailer owners in need of a custom vintage awning, we offer three options that can be customized to fit your trailer style. Each customizable awning set comes with heavy-duty adjustable aluminum poles, ropes, stakes, line tighteners and awning fabric.

Our Classic Pole & Rope Awning set has five vinyl laminate fabric color options with bold and simple stripes. You can opt in for fringe lining on your awning or no fringe. With over six different width options to select from, you’re sure to find an option that fits your trailer. Our custom awning sets all feature different fabric styles and sizing options that are period-appropriate to help your vintage trailer look and feel like it was brand new. You can find our selection of ready-to-install and easy-o-customize awning sets here.

We’re so sure you’ll love how easy it is to make and style your vintage camper awning from Vintage Trailer Supply that we offer a 60-day guarantee. If you have questions about parts, supplies or tools that you need to make the perfect vintage trailer awning, you can contact our team and we’ll walk you through it.