BLEM 1940s Hub Cap

BLEM 1940s Hub Cap

Product Code: VTX-690

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We have a selection of reduced price hubcaps at 25% to 50% off. The regular price of these hubcaps is $21.99 each. The hubcaps which are 25% off (now just $16.49) have just very minor/light scuffs or scratches that are only noticeable at close range. The hubcaps which are 50% (now just $10.99) have more substantial damage, but still are quite usable and in much better shape then the average new hubcap might be after a couple of long road trips.

This very nice polished stainless hubcap fits wheels with "innie" nubs like old 1940s Ford wheels. This hubcap does NOT fit any of the wheels we sell.

Please measure carefully.

  • The overall diameter is: 9-1/4"
  • The inside diameter of the opening on back is: 7-3/4"
  • The outside diameter of the back flange is: 8-1/8"