Awning Rail - 180 degree - 90" Long

Awning Rail - 180 degree - 90" Long

Product Code: VTS-2087

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This 90-inch long mill finish aluminum awning rail is correct for vintage trailers using any standard awning, including our vintage rope & pole awning. It is screwed or riveted to the trailer through the rail's flange. The bead or rope on the edge of the awning slides through the rail. The overall width of this awning rail (including the flange) is 1-3/16".

Due to shipping restrictions, we are not able to sell rails longer than 90" long. However, you can piece more than one together to create the length you need.

Due to its length, this item and other long items like it are shipped together in a PVC pipe to protect them from damage in transit. Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to ship these extrusions outside the United States and they must ship via FedEx.