Atwood Water Heater Gas Control


Atwood Water Heater Gas Control

Product Code: VTS-611


This Robert Shaw Unitrol gas control valve (also called a thermostat) fits any Atwood pilot water heater (and some Bowen) including:

G4SM, G6A, G6A-2, G6A-3, G6A-5, G6A-6P, G6A-7, G6A-7P, GC6A, GC6A-3, GC6A-6, GC6A-7, GH6-3, GH6-6, GH6-7, GC6AA-7, GC6AA-7P, GC6AA-8, GC6AA-8P, G10B, G10C, G610-3, GH610-3, GC10-1, GC10-1P, G10-2, G10-2P, GC10-1, GC10-2, GC10-2P, GC10A-2, GC10A-2P.

With some older units, you may need to reroute the gas lines coming in and out of the valve so that they line up with the port positions. This is done with flexible copper lines and elbows that you will purchase locally.

We recommend using a gas control wrench for removal and installation to prevent damage to unit.