Airstream Curved Glass & Sash (1975-80)

Airstream Curved Glass & Sash (1975-80)

Product Code: VTS-1030

Starting At:

$499.99 - $599.99

If you break the curved side window on a 1970s Airstream, you will need to replace the entire sash frame along with the glass. Glass is not sold separately.

The windows are all 22" tall but come in three different widths. All replacement sash's come with the sash hinge attached to mate into the other half of the hinge on the fixed frame in your trailer wall. The sash also includes the side tracks and the striker plates for the latches.
Glass is clear and single pane. The tinted version of this window is no longer available, but this clear version is the same size and works as a direct replacement for the tinted version.