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7.5" Wool Polishing Pads

Vintage Trailer Supply

7.5" Wool Polishing Pads

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  • 36 Pads $269.64 ($7.49 each) 

Vintage Trailer Supply has its own 100% wool polishing pads perfect for removing oxidation from aluminum skin trailers.

All pads are velcro backed and are a generous 7.5" in diameter with 1.5" 100% 4-ply twisted wool. This is the ideal material, size and depth for aluminum oxide removal. Use them with our coarse or medium grade Nuvite polishes on a heavy-duty low-speed polisher to remove oxidation from your travel trailer (or airplane!).

When polishing, it is important to keep pads fairly clean. As polishing residue accumulates on pads, it makes them less effective. Pads can be washed and re-used many times. Since pads should be air dried after washing, we recommend you order six or more pads if you are going to be working long days of polishing.


NOTE: All our pads are made of unsteamed wool. An unsteamed wool pad cuts a little more aggressively than the more common steamed pad because each of the wool strands are tighter and can use the side of the wool strand more. Our pads actually have more wool tufted in them compared to a steamed pad, and the additional wool gives it a nice full feeling.