6 Gallon Atwood Water Heaters


6 Gallon Atwood Water Heaters

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The Atwood brand is 30 years old, and their designs are based on the older Bowen company which they purchased. Atwood has a great deal of experience building lightweight, reliable products for mobile conditions.

Atwood water heaters slide in from the outside of the trailer and sit on the floor of the trailer. A hinged steel door completes the installation. The cutout size of Atwood heaters has remained essentially unchanged through the years, so replacement of vintage Bowen water heaters with Atwood water heaters is the best choice. See sketch for dimensions.

Atwood makes three categories of water heaters: Standard, Exothermal and Tankless. This page shows all the 6-gallon standard water heaters. 10-gallon standard water heaters and exothermal water heaters are shown on separate pages. We do not currently carry Atwood brand tankless water heaters.
Standard water heaters are available with a manual pilot light or a 12V direct electronic spark ignition.

Vintage trailer owners are very concerned about weight. At dry weight, Atwood six-gallon models are 14 pounds lighter than competitive models; 10 gallon models are 30 pounds lighter. This is primarily due to the use of an aluminum tank rather than a steel tank in other brands. Another benefit of an aluminum tank is that a sacrificial anode rod is not required.
Fuel-Saving Flexibility
Atwood water heaters operate on L.P. gas or 110VAC. With the electric option, the heater can be run either off an electrical hook up or a generator.
98% of all serviceable components are accessed through the exterior door. Access means that if you do need service, itåÕs easy and no one has to enter your coach to perform the work. Service time is reduced and you have peace of mind when you travel.
Multiple Protection Features
The high temperature limit switch, thermostat and pressure and temperature relief valve, prevent problems before they happen. An externally sealed combustion chamber keeps the outside of the unit cleaner.

Pilot Ignition
Economical, time-tested performance. The pilot is manually lit when the destination is reached and hot water is available in less than one half hour.
Electronic Ignition (DSI)
Convenience and safety. A simple flip of the switch from inside the coach turns the water heater on or off.

Standard Specifications
  • White powder coated steel door
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Cut-Out Size: 16"W x 12-1/2"H x 16-7/8"D
  • Weighs 22 pounds
  • 8800 Btu LPG Input
  • 1400W 110VAC Input (if applicable)
  • 12VDC Connection for Electronic Spark (if applicable)
  • 6 gallon models include Atwood model/part numbers: G6A-7 96110, GC6AA-8 96117, G6A-8E 96121
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