1966-68 Airstream Window Seal

1966-68 Airstream Window Seal

Product Code: VTS-524



This closed cell foam gasket can be used on the "frameless" 1966-68 Airstream windows and also on pre-1962 Serro Scotty windows. It is approximate 1/2" wide and 1/4" thick and has a strong adhesive backing for easy installation.

To install, thoroughly clean the aluminum surface before affixing the gasket. Use a non-residual cleaner like alcohol. After sticking the gasket to the surface, close the window to clamp it in place while it sets.

NOTE: Take a tip from your original owner's manual and periodically wipe the window gasket with silicone spray to prevent it from sticking to the glass. The heat that builds up behind the glass from the sun's radiation can slightly melt rubber window gaskets, especially at first while the rubber may still be off-gassing from the production process.
Price is for one 25-foot length.