1950s Airstream Porch Light

1950s Airstream Porch Light

Product Code: VTS-948



This stylish cast porch light was originally made by Bargman and used on most Airstreams from 1952 to 1960. Also on Liberty and other trailers of that era. In many ways, it is the perfect light because it is small, durable and directs the beam mostly downward rather than at your neighbor's campsite.

Originally, it was a 110V lamp but we have reproduced it with a single 12V bulb so that it can be used with modern 12V trailer wiring. Comes with one LED bulb.

Mounting holes are spaced 2-1/4" apart horizontally and 2-3/4" diagonally from the top mounting screw hole to either side. Overall height and width measures approx 3-1/2" x 2" and sticks out 1-1/2" from trailer.

Cast from zinc and chrome plated.

Our VTS-212 toggle switch is usually used in conjunction with it.