12V Screw Base Bulbs 50W - 2 Pack

12V Screw Base Bulbs 50W - 2 Pack

Product Code: VTS-945

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/ 2 Bulbs

This special 12 volt light bulb fits in a standard household size screw-in socket. The official name of this style base is "medium."

Although it looks like a regular light bulb, it is not for use in your home. Do not attempt to use this bulb with 110V current or it will burn out immediately. However, if you have a light fixture that was designed for 110V current and you want to use it on 12V current, this bulb will let you do it.

This is a 50W bulb. It draws approximately 4 amps.

Overall, the bulbs are each 4" Long. Diameter is 2-3/8".

NOTE: Bulbs may be frosted or clear.